frequently asked questions

If you have a questions or query that isn’t answered on this page,
please feel free to contact me for additional assistance!

QDo you sell finished versions of your patterns?

ADue to time constraints, I’m not able to make and sell the patterns that I’ve designed. I need all the free time I can find to design more patterns!

If you are interested in purchasing a completed pattern, please check back in the future for the “Pattern Builder Shops” page for links to various crafters who sell the patterns available through this website. Sign up for the mkcrochet newsletter for updates on this and other pattern related news!

QCan I sell the finished versions of your patterns at my local holiday bazaar or through a website like www.etsy.com?

APatterns that are distributed by Martingale & Company in book or ebook form are for personal use only (meaning, please don’t reproduce the finished items for the purpose of reselling them). Under limited circumstances, Martingale & Company may give permission to sell items made from pattern publications when issued a request in writing (click here to contact them).

For patterns on my website that are either free to download or available for purchase, I ask that you please credit the design back to my website by including the website address “http://www.mkcrochet.com” on the sales tag or in the listing information so your buyers will know where the pattern came from. Patterns must be entirely handmade by you (no production line allowed) and your listings must feature your own photographs of the item you have made to sell. You do not have permission to use the photographs on www.mkcrochet.com for your listings.

If you have an online shop where you sell items made from my patterns, please use the contact form to let me know and I will include your store’s link on the Pattern Shop page.

QI would love you to make a pattern for me! Can I put in a request? Do you take commissions?

AI’m always happy to hear ideas and requests! Again, due to time constraints, I’m not able to accept any commission work, but please sign up for the mk crochet newsletter so you can get the latest updates on new and upcoming patterns and publications!

QCan I share some pictures of the projects I’ve made on the mk crochet website?

AYes please! Use the contact page and include a link to where you have posted your picture along with your name. If it’s a good quality photo, I’ll be happy to post it in the reader’s gallery.