A few weeks ago, a friend at work introduced me the wubbanub website. Wubbanubs are adorable plush toys with pacifiers attached to their mouths and perfectly sized for babies to snuggle with. Such a cute idea!

Inspired (and with a little one of my own on the way), I thought it might be fun to turn a few of the animals from the Crochet a Zoo book into a home-made binky buddy.

Note: Some patterns will work better than others for this ~ go with patterns that have simple round bodies to make adjusting the orientation of the head and legs easier to manage.


  • - Yarn (I used Berroco “Vintage” Yarn, worsted weight).
  • - Stuffing.
  • - Notions: crochet hook, scissors, tapestry needle, sewing needle, thread.
  • - Your favorite crochet critter pattern from Crochet a Zoo.
  • - 3/4″ fabric ribbon (I went with twill ribbon from “Really Reasonable Ribbon“)
  • - Pacifiers.
  • - (optional) Riveted or Sew-on snaps

Step 1: Make the toy.

  • - Crochet your animal pieces.
  • - Since this will be for a baby, embroider the eyes on. I went with a “sleepy” eye look by using a lazy daisy stitch; Apply 2 loose satin stitches across the eye and then tack down the middle with a third small stitch to create an bowed arch shape. The same technique is used for the brows but without doubling up the first satin stitch.
  • - To make the toy more baby and washing machine friendly, I skipped the felt patches for the patterns I picked and used a short loop stitch for all the hair details to keep the yarn from becoming too frayed (you can find the “loop stitch” in the zoo keeper chapter of Crochet a Zoo).
  • - Once your toys pieces are crocheted, lay the pieces out on a flat surface so you can determine the attachment points for the legs and head to the body so your toy will lie flat. TIP: You can use marking pins to help hold the pieces in place before you sew.

Step 2: Apply the ribbon.

I found that 10-11″ of ribbon is a pretty good length to start with if you intend to tie your pacifier on to your toy. Pacifiers that will be attached at the sides need a bit more ribbon than pacifiers that will be attached at the handle. You can adjust this length to suit your toy and pacifier selection.

  • - Fold the edge of the ribbon over twice and secure the folded end with a running stitch (to keep it from fraying). If you plan on applying snaps, you can hold off on this step.
  • - Thread your ribbon onto your tapestry needle.
  • - Draw the needle and ribbon through the stitch spaces on your toy’s head near the chin.
  • - Tie the ribbon in a knot to secure it, taking care to keep the two ribbon ends even.

Step 3 (option 1): Attach pacifier ~ tie on.

Pacifiers that have small holes on the sides are best suited to be tied on while pacifiers with larger side holes, side slits, or handles can have the option of being secured using snaps.


Step 3 (option 2): Attach pacifier ~ snaps.

  • - Follow Step 2 but hold off on finishing the ends of your ribbon with a running stitch. Simply thread your ribbon onto your tapestry needle and apply it to your toy.

  • - For pacifiers with thin slits on the sides, I went with Dritz sew-on snaps, size “1″. Fold the end of the ribbon over twice, leaving enough space to accommodate the snap. Sew one half of the snap down to the end of the folded ribbon. Sew the other half of the snap close to the knot by the animal’s chin.
  • - Slip the ribbon through the sides of the pacifier and press the snaps together to close.

If you want snaps that are a bit more “heavy duty”, you can also give rivet snaps a try. I paired up my little hippo with a pacifier that had a handle, so the finished ribbon length was a bit shorter than the one for the lion (about 7″). To apply a riveted snap:

  • - Apply the ribbon to your critter as indicated in Step 2 without finishing the ribbon ends first.
  • - Trim your ribbon to length and fold the end over twice leaving enough room for the rivet.
  • - Following the directions on your snap rivet kit, cut a small slit or hole through the ribbon layers to insert the snap shanks. Use a mallet to secure your snaps in place.
  • - For pacifiers with a handle, a larger sew-on snap (size “2″) will also work well.

Pacifiers with a handle often have covers you can put over the pacifier to keep them from getting dirty. Since the ribbon is attached to the handle, it shouldn’t get in the way when applying a pacifier cover.

You can also use this technique (and a slightly longer length of ribbon) to secure your baby-friendly zoo friends to strollers and car seats! I would suggest attaching the ribbon at the back of the neck for this option.

The great thing about making your own cuddly pacifier pal is that you can choose the pacifier that your baby prefers and you can remove it to wash it (or the toy) separately. Hopefully, my newest addition will like at least one of her new little friends!


Comments to "How to make a Binky Buddy"

  1. Amber Goosen

    October 9, 2014

    Hi there,

    I absolutely love your binky buddies and was hoping you might be able to make me one and I will pay you for it and the shipping.


    • MK Crochet

      October 9, 2014

      Hi Amber! Thanks for checking out the Binky Buddies! Due to time constraints (kids, a job, book writing, etc…) I’m not able to make samples to sell.
      The best I can do is suggest you check out or for crafters who might be able to make an animal for you to which you could attach a binky too.

      Cheers! MK

  2. Stephanie Beckford

    October 14, 2014

    Hi Amber, I own an etsy shop called the SamIvia Boutique. And We could make one or more of these for you. Please check us out and send me a message if you are interested.

    Stephanie Beckfod

  3. whitney young

    March 23, 2015

    I make something similar to these. I also take custom orders :)

  4. Melissa

    December 12, 2015

    I can only see step one of this…. Can you help?

    • MK Crochet

      December 12, 2015

      Looks like a database sanfu ate some of my posts. I’ll work on getting them restored ASAP. Thank you for the heads up!


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